Insurance Savings & Partner Programs for LASIK

Partnering to make LASIK affordable for all


At nJoy Vision, you may also take advantage of insurance saving plans (PVCS & VCD) and Corporate Partner Programs, Union or Civil Service and  Military discounts.

These programs also apply to our other laser eye procedures such as KAMRA, laser cataract surgery and more.


We partner with many vision insurance companies to be able to offer their members discounts on certain laser eye procedures including LASIK.

Partner Plans

Moreover, many employers and union groups offer partial coverage for LASIK. Many Corporate Partner, Union or Civil Service and  Military programs also often allow for discounts and other savings on LASIK. Please ask us about your options, and we will help you determine your eligibility and help to identify any possible savings.

Make the discussion about your financial options part of your consultation. Schedule your consultation today.