Life. KAMRA! Action.™

No matter how you look at it, the fact is Life is sweeter without readers.

With the KAMRA inlay, the possibilities are lens-less.

Getting older is not a choice. Neither is deteriorating eyesight.

Thanks to an exciting new treatment option called the KAMRA inlay, patients who once relied on lenses to remedy the constant annoyance of blurry near vision (presbyopia) are finding that a lens-less life is a real possibility.

KAMRA inlay is a relatively new procedure, so here’s some quick information to help you decide if you’d like to learn more.

First, at nJoy Vision, we pride ourselves on staying at the forefront of vision correction technology.

We are one of the first vision centers to offer this groundbreaking procedure in the United States. And even though KAMRA inlay treatment received U.S. FDA approval as recently as April 2015, the technology is backed by a decade of research and development, and has been performed successfully in Europe, Asia, and South America since 2005.

Plus, our team of surgeons is KAMRA inlay certified and among the best of the best, with decades of experience assisting patients with reducing the dependence on reading glasses.

The KAMRA inlay is a microscopic, but powerful piece of technology.

Much like the lens on a camera, this tiny corneal implant allows the eye to focus light into the retina, helping to correct near vision loss. Soon after the quick, pain-free procedure, patients will notice a wider range of improved vision at all distances. Most resume normal activities in 24-48 hours.

Imagine being able to read text on a screen, view a billboard, and see the facial expressions of friends and family in clear detail!

Now that you know the life-changing part, let's look into the facts about the procedure itself.

When to schedule your KAMRA should be the question, not how you're going to pay for it.

See why we're leading the way with advanced treatment options and patient education.